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An exciting mix of light and dark results in a durable, traditional kitchen architecture, also reflected in the clear spatial composition of the tall unit, island, and open shelving. Olive grey in combination with finely structured mountain Robinia sets an innovative impulse in high-grade, homely planning.

Handle-less fronts shape the clear and calm kitchen architecture; the open kitchen looks perfectly tidy and orchestrated. Its great functionality is revealed on opening. First-class, elegantly finished pullouts offer plenty of storage space for kitchen utensils and are lovely to look at even when open.Open and homely with plenty of room for

accessories. Shelving is an elementary element of modern kitchen architecture – it is both fashionable and yet timelessly elegant. Shelving makes it possible to plan kitchens as individual, open rooms which are part of the living area, and to make a sufficient contrast to closed surfaces and areas. As a system, shelving can be planned in size and material to suit personal requirements.

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